Yesterday I ended winter seasonal cooking with a Northern recipe for origin (Trieste) and influences (goulasch is a typical Hungarian dish, spread throughout Central and Eastern Europe), so today I officially start the good weather season with a recipe -almost- entirely from Southern Italy. In fact, I took some southerner products that I always have at home (not because they come from my home region, but simply because i love them: 'nduja from Spilinga and smoked scamorza), and I grafted them onto a northener dish, risotto.

The result is, IMHO, a full meal, with rich and balanced flavors, with a fascinating blend of hot and smoky, two flavors that blend perfectly … But it's up to you to judge!


Ingredients (4 serves)

* extra virgin olive oil (I always prefer using, if it's possible, an oil that matches to the type of meals; here I chose to use a southerner oil, producing with cold pressing)

* a clove of garlic

* parsley

* half a glass of white wine (I chose a southerner wine)

* 400 g of carnaroli rice (this is the only northerner concession)

* 'nduja from Spilinga

* 1 l of vegetable broth (so you need carrot, onion and celery)

* 2 or 3 tablespoons of tomato sauce (already cooked)

* smoked scamorza



First of all you have to prepare the vegetable broth, that we'll need to cook the rice; then chop parsley and garlic together. Put in a thick-bottomed pan (or in a low pot) a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and brown garlic and parsley. Then tost the rice, and simmer with white wine. Now add the 'nduja (according to your taste, because is very hot. I used a tablespoon of 'nduja) melted in a bit of vegetable broth. Now, add stock to cover rice and let it cook: halfway in the cooking process, add 2 or 3 tablespoons of tomato sauce (or more, if you want your risotto colored of a nice and bright red) and, if you want to experience an intense moment (or if you want an extra corporeal experience), add some 'nduja, too. When the rice is cooked, turn off the heat and add smoked scamorza coarsely grated.

Serve risotto with grated scamorza (the more the merrier): so the cheese will be thready inside and outside risotto!

With this recipe I take part in the contest "Il sud nel piatto" of Sapori dei Sassi


(you can find the contest by clicking on the image below)

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