My friend Patrizia gave me this cookies recipe (have you already guessed that from the post title?! Good for you!), and she in turn took this recipe from Anna Moroni (a cook from Italian tv programme Ready steady cook). But she made a small but significant change to the original recipe, to me these are Patrizia's cookies, period.

These cookies are very easy-making (no cookie cutters, no rolling pins), very light and suitable for those who have certain food allergies (no butter, no milk, no eggs), very tasty (thanks to wine, raisins and pine nuts) and great dunked in a glass of fortified wine, or perfect for an mid-afternoon or mid-morning break, along with a cup of tea or a coffee.

Just to make things clear, these are NOT classic breakfast cookies! But not all the cookies must be eaten for breakfast! What is this discrimination?!?!

So, if you want a recipe for some easy-making and not cloying pastry, you are definitely in the right place!




* 500 g all-purpose flour

* 100 g granulated sugar (the original recipe suggested 200 g of sugar; I don't like too sweet cookies too sweet, so I followed Patrizia's advice and I decreased the amount of sugar. I halved sugar, but you can use some more, depending on your taste)

* 15 g baking powdwer

* 100 g pine nuts

* 100 g soften up and washed raisins

* 200 ml extra-virgin olive oil

* 200 ml Asti Muscat (here it is the change! The original recipe suggested using a strow wine from Pantelleria, Sicily … but we are Piedmontese, so we use a sweet native wine, an Asti Muscat. You can use any sweet wine typical in your area)

Procedure (very short one)

Preheat the oven to 347-356° F (175-180° C). Mix all ingredients in a bowl (I usually dissolve sugar into wine and then I add anything else, to be precise in this order: flour, baking powder, raisins, pine nuts, extra-virgin olive oil) to form a ball of dough.

Then take with your hands small portions of dough (roughly the size of a walnut) and put them on a baking pan covered with parchment paper (unless you use a non-stick backing pan), shapeless (the result is similar to a "brut e bun", or "ugly but good"). Bake in preheated oven for 12 to 15 minutes or until golden brown.

This cookies stay crunchy for a long time, in a tin or a tupperware.

As "ugly but good", they aren't very pretty, but they are very good!

If it's true that behind every great chef there's always a great assistant (my personal interpretation of "behind a great man there's always a great woman"), at this point I must to reveal to you my personal assistant in the kitchen …

PS: He really liked these cookies, I liked them, too .. and you?!

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