Lately I allowed myself too much fun, too many colors, too much spring on this blog! So today I say "that's enough", and I purify myself with a total-black post, where black rules the roost .

This as for the eyesight, but for the taste?!

The taste is vernal, fresh and strong, that anticipate the summer with his sea notes, but its roots are still in this middle earth which is spring, because of the risotto (which I don't consider a summer dish, except for rice salad, a summer evergreen)

I won't dwell on the smell (rhyme), since it's fish, and fish or you love it or you hate it, smell included … certainly I won't buy a cuttlefish eau de toilette, but to cook and then eat fish (and I know that cuttlefish is not a fish, but a cephalopod mollusk, but you understood the concept) I am ready for everything, even its fragrant smell (although cuttlefish doesn't have such a stench).

What can I say about tact?! If you really want to know, cuttlefish is quite slippery and tough, not a particularly pleasant texture, but so like the smell, there's worse! However, if you have strange desires related to abnormal hair colors, cuttlefish ink would be fine!

We lack only the hearing … but since –even in my short life– I never heard a cuttlefish speak or sing, you have to wait for the development of appropriate supernatural powers.

After this unnecessarily long tirade about the five senses, I leave you in peace and I present to you this simple recipe for a good


Ingredients (4 servings)

* Extra-virgin olive oil

* a clove of garlic

* a little onion

* 200-300 g clean cuttlefishes (if you want, you could use more of them)

* a glass of white wine

* 15-20 cherry tomatoes

* chili pepper (optional, but I used it)

* 8 g cuttlefish ink (my cuttlefishes didn't have the ink sac anymore; otherwise, you could use their ink)

* 400 g carnaroli rice

* 1 l fish broth (in alternative you could use vegetable broth)


Wash the cuttlefishes and cut them into small pieces; finely chop the onion. Put in a large pan a drizzle of olive oil to heat, then add the clove of garlic and the chopped onion; when onion are golden, add cuttlefishes and sauté them. After a few minutes simmer with a glass of white wine and let cook. Meanwhile, wash cherry tomatoes, cut them in half and add them to cuttlefishes; season with chili pepper. When cherry tomatoes are soft, add cuttlefish ink and leave everything to mix for a couple of minutes (it should be a total of 20 minutes, so cuttlefishes should be half cooked). Taste the sauce to see if it needs some salt: I didn't add any and the result was still quite tasty (broth that you'll add to cook the rice is salted enough, for my taste).

Now add rice and let it cook by adding a ladle of fish (or vegetable) stock at a time. After about 20 minutes (depending on how cooked you like rice), broth will be completely evaporated and rice will get a nice creamy consistency, remove from heat and serve.

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