When you have some good seasonal vegetables and some tasty cheese, one of the easiest things to do, if you also have some puff pastry, is a quiche: cook the vegetables, mix some cheese, fill the quiche and bake … at this point the quiche will do everything by itself, and a mixture of ingredients, random or not (there are some quiche called empty-your-fridge, for example), will always become something great (well, if you have in the fridge only tuna fish eggs, lemons and strawberry jam I don't guarantee the result).

But sometimes the idea of the classic quiche (for me is almost always an open one, ie not covered with a layer of puff pastry) doesn't attract me, and the other day was just one of those days … so, from the union of two evil minds (mine, of course, and my boyfriend's – birds of a feather) is born this simple -but effective- alternative to the traditional quiche (which I still love ,uh).

I insisted I wanted to make single-portion quiche, little bundle turnovers more pleasing to the eye, while my boyfriend bashed on with something else: instead of chopped vegetables and cheese, he wanted a creamy filling made with vegetables and cheese. In short, we tried to satisfy both ideas and, despite some moments of panic ("Oh, I can't detach the turnovers from the pan") the experiment worked: the turnovers were pleasant to the eye, perfect (more than the usual quiche) for appetizer (sooooo finger food) and the creamy filling was very delicate. Sometimes the union of evil minds produces some good ideas (and don't say I didn't give merit to my boyfriend, huh?)!


Ingredients (for 8 turnovers; with these doses probably you'll have some filling left, which can be used for other turnovers, on pasta or to stuff some ham rolls)

* extra-virgin olive oil

* a clove of garlic (if you have some, use fresh garlic)

* 500 g zucchini

* salt

* milk

* 100 g sweet gorgonzola cheese

* puff pastry, rectangular in shape


First you have to prepare the zucchini and gorgonzola cream. Wash and clean zucchini and cut them into thin rounds (even using a food processor). Put in a pan a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to heat and fry garlic for a few minutes, then put zucchini in the pan and sauté them for a few minutes, seasoning with salt. Cover zucchini with milk and let them cook properly (if necessary, add some milk more). Put zucchini in a bowl with gorgonzola and blend with an immersion blender until you have a cream.

Now pre-heat the oven to 390° F (200° C). Take puff pastry out of the fridge and cut it into 8 squares. Then take a muffin pan (if necessary and/or to be safe, oil or butter the pan, otherwise don't – I didn't oil or butter the pan and my turnovers -besides the above moments of panic- detached without any problems .. just let them cool down) and put the squares of puff pastry into the holes, with the edges outside. Then fill the pastry with a tablespoon of zucchini and gorgonzola cream and close the pastry edges to form a bundle. When you have all your turnovers, bake in a preheated oven for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the turnovers are golden brown.

Get them out of the oven and let them cool on a wire rack. They are great warm and even cold.

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