It's a fact that there are no more middle seasons, we know that young people are no longer as they used to be, it's a harsh reality that strawberries don't taste like strawberries anymore (these are all Italian clichés) … but you need to shake if we have no certainty about meat loaves!

Who doesn't know a recipe for meatloaf (which it's usually the same recipe for meatball, but it's a larger one), a  comfy wintry food, cooked in a frying pan and then in the oven?!

I hear your voices, already: "Who wants a warm meatloaf NOW?". In fact, the meatloaf I'll talk to you about is a cold one … you have to cook it (I think that eating raw chicken and raw eggs is not so good), but in boiling water, like rice, for example. And, since everyone prepares a nice rice salad in the summer, even if he/she has to stay near the stove for 20-30 minutes, you have no excuses! I'll tell you more, unlike rice, meatloaf doesn't need any attention: you could just forget about the meatloaf and go get it after half an hour, so you'll see the stove just for a few seconds.

Aren't you persuaded?! Then perhaps the ingredients will persuade you: chicken breast, mortadella, egg and pistachio, nothing more and nothing less.

If you still aren't persuaded, I'll draw the last card, its easiness! Not only this meatloaf is easy to prepare, but it has a for dummies recipe: in fact, the proportion between the ingredients is stable (1:1) and easy to remember, so you can multiply and divide as you want without being wrong (and you won't have to face an unformed monster unformed)! Years ago I "stole" this recipe from my aunt, after I tasted this meatloaf, and every year I make it for dinners, lunches, picnics and days at the beach, and everyone agrees on it!


(aunt Daniela's recipe)

Ingredients (two meat loaves about 20 cm long and 4 cm in diameter… It's a 4 servings single course or an 8 servings second course or starter)

* 200 g chicken breast

* 200 g pistachio mortadella

* 2 whole eggs

* a handful of pistachios (this dose it's on you; I put even 100 g of pistachios – weight with shells)

* salt


Bring a pot of water (you can choose a deep pot in which plunge meat loaves vertically, or a low, wide pot in which put meat loaves horizontally) to a boil.

Chop chicken breast and mortadella roughly and put everything in your food processor along with a dozen pistachios (the original recipe requires only whole pistachios to add after the blending, but I prefer to taste pistachios a bit more, so I put some in the mince. Do as you prefer). Blend everything together and add, while the food processor is still on, the eggs. Now put the mixture you obtained (it's a soft one) in a bowl, season with salt (don't add too much salt, 'cause  mortadella and pistachios are salted), add pistachios and mix with your hands.

Divide the mixture in two equal parts (so you don't have a super meatloaf that couldn't fit in the pot) and form two sausages, then wrap them in aluminum foil (I always put two layers of aluminum foil, just to be sure). When you have your sausages wrapped in aluminum foil, put them into boiling water and cook them for 30 minutes.

After this time, remove the meat loaves from the water (the foil should be almost black) and leave it to cool down (it will become firmer). Then, discard the foil and place the meat loaves in the refrigerator, leaving them there at least a few hours (or even a whole day) before serving them, in order to cool them completely.

Slice them and, if you like, serve them with an excellent homemade mayonnaise (I could eat both meat loaves, with homemade mayonnaise).

For the mayonnaise, I put in a hand blender one egg at room temperature (sometimes, to make my mayonnaise firmer, I add an egg white) and salt, then I whip, gradually adding oilseed (corn, sunflower or peanut one). When the mayonnaise is firm enough (when you take a teaspoon of it and you turn it upside down, the mayonnaise won't fall down), I add a tablespoon half filled with red wine vinegar and half with lemon juice, all heated on the stove (with the addition of cold ingredients mayonnaise could curdle). I whip again and I keep it in the fridge for a few hours before serving it.

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