The amazing things in life are the unforeseen, unexpected ones, those small or insignificant details that deviate from the usual order of events and that, therefore, affect us. And, in my humble opinion, the things that amaze me are often the object of an instantaneous (and lasting) sympathy or attraction.

In fact, I often feel an immediate sympathy for a person who seems to have a sterling character, but who is unleashed, for a "grave" person who hides an unexpected sarcasm or for a "tough but soft-hearted" man. Well, I can't help it, I feel the same thing about food: I am always impressed (and I instantly adore it) by a food that seems something and that ends up being completely different.

Believe me, when you'll have in front of you this small flan (that from the outside looks like an ordinary chocolate cake) and, sinking in your teaspoon, you'll trigger a chocolaty lava flow, you'll agree with me … the things that astound your senses are the ones that attract and conquer you (and, if chocolate is involved, how can you resist?!).


Ingredients (6 small flan)

* 100 g dark chocolate

* 80 g unsalted butter

* 3 whole eggs

* 80 g sugar

* 20 g all purpose flour

* a teaspoon of cinnamon (optional); you could also use some other flavors, such as orange or hot pepper


Melt butter and chocolate in a bain marie (or in the microwave). Put in a bowl three whole eggs and sugar and beat the mixture with electric whisks (don't over beat the mixture). Add sifted flour and cinnamon (this is optional) and mix with a wooden spoon or a spatula.
Add the butter and the melted chocolate to the mixture, mix and then pour the batter into the molds (I used disposable aluminum ones; don't use ceramic molds, 'cause they'll pass directly from the freezer to the oven), previously greased and floured. Fill 2/3 of the molds, 'cause the flan's volume will increase during cooking.

Cover the molds with tin foil and place them in the freezer for at least 3 hours (as you might guess, you can prepare the flan in advance and then store them in the freezer for unexpected guests, or for low blood sugar).

After this time, pre-heat the oven to 374° F (190° C) and bake them for 15 minutes (it may take a little less; the heart must be soft, but not too soft .. in the worst scenario the hearts will thicken up or, if it stays too soft, you can always put it back in the oven -there's no yeast, so it won't deflate).

Remove from the oven, remove the flan from the molds and serve them piping hot, maybe with some semi-whipped cream or some ice cream.

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