I am not a voracious meat eater, I don't stuff myself with steaks, stews, burgers, chickens and patties, and it's not because I don't like them (on the contrary), but simply because I eat many more vegetables than proteins or carbs. What can I do if I go crazy for every single vegetable?!

But (and I've already told you, there's always a but) I can't say no to a great piece of meat cooked like it deserves, aka not overcooked. I believe that, under the right conditions, I could kill for a Fiorentina, or a nice Frisona (a Piedmontese cow) T-Bone steak.

But I'd settle even for "less", for example a nice piece of sirloin, briefly and simply cooked. Here, if you're searching for a dish that has these two traits, the beef medallions hugged by lardo are just perfect.


Ingredients (4 medallions)

* 4 slices of sirloin, 3 to 4 cm thick (it's even better if you find some ready-made medallions -some butchers have them)

* 4 to 8 thick lardo slices

* extra-virgin olive oil

* salt

* kitchen twine


Obtain 4 medallions from the slices of sirloin (they have to be more or less circular in shape). Line the edge of each medallion with lardo (it will help you to obtain a more regular medallion) and tie it with kitchen twine (or some silicone strings, like these).

Heat a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil in a nonstick pan and brown both sides of your medallions (without puncture them), to seal the meat (it will take a couple of minutes per side). Then line your medallions onto a baking pan, and cook them for 5 minutes in a 356° F (180° C) preheated oven. Season with salt and serve them.

This double cooking process allows you to prepare the dish in advance: if you have guests for dinner, for example, you can brown the medallions in advance, and then finish cooking in a hot oven just before serving.


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