Here we are … Alterkitchen, a year later.

Exactly one year ago I wrote my first posts, my because and my first recipe. It's amazing, when I look back at this year, how many things have changed in my life and how much I have changed … maybe changed is not the right word, but I certainly came back to be someone that I left dormant for too long.

So many things changed, in my business life and even more in my personal life… some people got out of my life, some others entered it on tiptoe, others knocking down the door, and then there are some people who have always been there, and that perhaps will always be (and it's what I sincerely hope).

Between all these changes and this weird and unlucky 2011, I realized that constants (but not too many of them, otherwise things get boring) are important .. and this blog was, despite my breaks and my syncopated or loose rhythms, an important constant. It was something to cultivate, to let grow, to follow and to love, something that brought me small and great satisfactions, warmth, laughter, sharing and new friends … and I think that friendships born around a real or a virtual table are going to last much more than what we eat together, with the mouth or with the eyes.

I close this panegyric (a bit too mushy) with a THANKS, for your attentions, your comments and your mere presence, a THANKS to all of you who read my posts and to those who are reading me now, and I hope you'll continue to do so.

To thank you I thought I could make you gift … from a word and paper (printed or not) fetish, I chose to give away to one of you a Moleskine recipe journal and a book (I already chose it, and I hope that will please the one who will receive it).

After the recipe you'll find all the information about taking part to my little giveaway .. and now, to celebrate, what would you say about a piece of tiramisù?!


Ingredients (10 servings)

* 5 eggs

* 5 tablespoons of sugar

* 500 g mascarpone

* 300 g lady finger

* black coffee

* unsweetened cocoa powder


In a bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff. In another bowl whisk the egg yolks with sugar, until the mixture is light and fluffy. Then add the mascarpone and continue whisking, until you have a smooth mixture. Mix the egg whites in, with a spatula or wooden spoon, a tablespoon at a time, with a movement from the bottom up, not to deflate the mixture.

Take the container where you want to serve the tiramisù (a baking dish, individual glasses, small verrines, cups …) and put a few tablespoons of cream spread on its bottom. Then briefly soak the ladyfingers in coffee and line them next to each other to form a layer. Cover with a layer of cream and then sprinkle some cocoa powder; continue with layers of soaked ladyfingers, cream and cocoa powder until you're out of ingredients.

Store it in the fridge (I suggest you to prepare the tiramisù the day before, so it will taste better) and serve to anyone.. who doesn't like tiramisù?!

Now let's get back to my little giveaway … to enter it you have to solve a differential equation and send me the result, translated into Latin, using an e-mail that starts with the letter K.

Oh, no, I'm kidding… I'm the same old foolish (some things don't change) .. to enter it, just leave a comment here, telling me (in loving memory of my first two posts) with which recipe you'd start a hypothetical food blog and why … and if you already have a food blog, then tell me with which recipe you chose to start it and why. What can I do if I want to know a little more about my readers?

There's no other rule, there's no further obligation (but it goes without saying that if you want to follow my page on Facebook, my feed or follow me via email, I'll be happy), but I give you a week to leave a comment, until February 29th (hey, it's a leap year), then I'll draw the winner and I'll send him/her the prize I chose.

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