Oh gosh! There never was such a riot of desserts on my blog, before! You would have even wondered if I softened, too … although, after the de-motivational cookies, maybe this doubt will never creep into your mind ever again. In any case, I didn't soften up! In fact, you might already know that I'm not a dessert-maniac (although I admit that when I'm very busy, I end up throwing myself on a dessert, if I have the chance to cook or bake), so here I am, punctual as a pimple on your forehead when you have a date or punctual as the IRS, with a savory recipe, a very savory one.

This pasta is not pretentious, it's rather simple, but it makes a complete meal (carbohydrate, fat, protein, fiber) and it's delicious. I started from a color, green, and I built around it (even though the combination between broccoli and sausage is not so fanciful), because it's a color that I notice more and more now that spring has come, because the walls in my room are painted green, because it's a relaxing and cheerful color, because I love green vegetables … and because I love broccoli, even when I was just a little girl… and, with pasta and sausage, I love them even more.


Ingredients (4 servings)

* broccoli (you can use as many as you want)

* a clove of garlic

* extra-virgin olive oil

* 150 g sausage (I used pork one, and you could use more or less of it)

* 320 g pasta (for me penne)


Wash and clean the broccoli, cut them into large pieces, and parboil them in salted water for a few minutes: they should soften up, but they have to stay firm. Drain them, leave them for a few minutes under cold running water (to stop their cooking) and then cut them again, but still roughly (otherwise you'll have a broccoli puree in your pan).

Put a saucepan filled with salted water on the fire; while the water boils and the pasta cooks you have plenty of time to prepare the sauce.

In a pan heat some extra-virgin olive oil with a clove of garlic and sauté the broccoli; if necessary, add some salt (but not too much, since the crispy sausage is quite savory). Meanwhile, peel the sausage, make crumbs from it with your hands and put the crumbs in a non-stick pan without adding any seasonings, so that the fat will melt and you'll have some crispy the crumbs.

Drain pasta pasta (slightly underdone) and sauté together with broccoli. Garnished with crispy sausage crumbs (so your guests can decide if mix all together or not) and serve.

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