In the last post I told you about spring, about sensations that this season full of life gives me and about cravings that arise in me during springtime. Well, meanwhile I satisfied the desire for a road trip .. 5 wonderful days on the roads of Provence and Camargue, many stages, so many beautiful places that still fill my eyes, so many colours and scents, so many steps I took and so many yet to be taken.

After all this, I admit it, the coming back to reality was very hard for me, and the desire to cook went to take a ride. But I definitely wanted something fresh and fragrant, something that could go with the season that just started and possibly give a boost to summer, so that it will come soon (inevitably making us feel nostalgic for autumn and winter… it's a spinning wheel, uh?). So, I had the idea of ​​a swordfish carpaccio with a "pink" dressing, a tribute to the beautiful "La vie en rose" by Edith Piaf, a song that accompanied (along with a thousands other songs) my French trip. And the result, a recipe-non recipe with fresh intense and citrus scents.

But before leaving you the recipe (if you can call it that), I want you to realise the terrible post-holiday effect through an image, a set of photos that contains some of the fascinations of those fantastic days I spent in France.

How could I not be nostalgic? And I'm ready to leave again, next week, flying to Brussels (so if you have any advice/ suggestion/ idea, don't be shy, my ears are always wide open). There's nothing to do, my wanderer gene grows and grows every day.


Ingredients (3 servings)

* 300 g swordfish carpaccio (fresh or smoked)

* salt (I used pink Himalaya salt)

* pink grapefruit juice

* extra-virgin olive oil

* pink pepper


Place the slices of swordfish carpaccio in a serving dish, season with salt (normal salt or pink Himalayan one), pink grapefruit juice (the juice of half grapefruit should be enough), extra-virgin olive oil and red pepper (ground and/or whole peppercorn). Let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes before serving, so that the swordfish become tasty.

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