The queen of false promises came back.. each time, in fact, more and more time passes between a post and the following one. I am a genius of evil, no doubt about it!

But what can I do, summer took me, and so did the miles travelling up and down Italy, dinners with friends, days by the pool and out in the mountains … and it's not that I cook less than usual (on the contrary, I'd say), but certainly I document less and, as you can see by these pictures, with a minor (could we say nonexistent?! Let's say nonexistent) aesthetic eye. Maybe it's the hot weather or the vacation atmosphere (despite my holidays are long gone), but I'm lazier, and I admit it without any problems.. quite the opposite, almost with a sense of pride!

The recipe I am presenting you today, a summer family classic, it's easy to make, very quick and cold: it doesn't require an oven or stove (just the fridge, my friends) and you'd need only very basic kitchen equipment (bowl, fork, dishes), but you'll have a fresh and delicious dessert, low fat and suitable for all palates. Well, I post less and less, but I hope to make it up to you with some ideas to facilitate you in these hot days.


Ingredients (2 servings)

* 100 g roman ricotta cheese (or other kind, but not too soft)

* 1 or 2 tbsp sugar (according to your taste)

* unsweetened cocoa powder

* pistachio flour


In a bowl, mash the ricotta cheese (if necessary, drain it before) with a fork; add sugar (start with a tbsp, taste it and, if necessary, add some more) and keep mashing the mixture, until homogeneous.

Take 2 little plates and put some unsweetened cocoa powder in one and pistachio flour in the other one. Form small balls of ricotta with your hands and roll them in cocoa or pistachio flour (but you could also use coconut flour, granulated nuts or whatever you want). Place the truffles in a dish, cover with cling film and leave in the refrigerator for several hours to set.


Before I forget … HAPPY HOLIDAYS to those who left the cities and to those who will leave, and have a GOOD SUMMER everyone, even those who will stay and "enjoy" the sticky heat of the cities (like me) … hoping that at least you could treat yourself with some excursions here and there to enjoy some clear sky or to catch (at least in picture) some butterflies, as I did.



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