Me, myself and I

My name is Giulia, I'm 26 years old, I've just graduated with a degree in "History of the Archaeological and Historical-Artistic Heritage" (how pompous! It's "just" an old-fashioned degree in Art History) with a graduation thesis in Medieval History, the subject that I love the most.

I -still- live with my parents, I have a dog (my beloved Micky/Pupi/Pubert, and the list could go on for ever: poor dog, he has some serious identity crisis) and a handful of good friends: sometimes they seem to slip away, just so I can find them unfailingly close to me.

I love reading (I have an insane passion for crime and thriller novel, but my readings is very versatile), listening to rock and hard rock music (almost only 70s rock music, but Alter Bridge are an exception to this rule), traveling (file that under "why am I not a multi-millionaire?!"), dogs (thanks to them, I'll be always able to smile again), movies, theatre, eating and drinking well (I have a special taste for beer), rigorously in good company… in short, if I can, I make sure not to miss anything!

Besides, obviously (otherwise, what am I doing here?!), I adore cooking, I've done that for a living and now I do it for pleasure: I love to knead (a very good way to relieve tension), to mix ingredients, to cook, to put in the oven, and anything else regarding the magic world (who venture to say that cooking is not a kind of alchemy?!) of cooking.

Let's leave aside for a second this idyllic scene with a woman full of passions (I have them, just to be clear) ed interests (I have them, too)… I'm also full of imperfections (touchiness, "coda di paglia" -I have a guilty conscience-, inclination to lies, quick temper, etc. etc.), and I would refuse to admit some of them even under torture!

But I'm just like that, and I'm afraid you'll have to take me as I am, hoping that it's not so bad, all things considered (so it was that the next day she found herself sad and lonely, in a dark corner).


My little blog

I'd like to point out that this blog is a personal collection of thoughts, words, recipes, experiences, and it would be a meeting place, a place of discussion and confrontation. I'm not a professional (neither a professional cook nor a photographer), but I'll tray to put in this place, in this blog, all my abilities and all I am. The recipes that I'll suggest you are the fruits of my (little) personal experience, of familial and territorial recollection in my possession, of experimentation and "mismanage" (in Italian I would use a neologism, "pasticciazione").

I sincerely hope that, in the small, this blog, with my recipes and my thoughts, could sneak into some of your kitchens and some of your days. If you would follow me and my journey, you could always find me here (maybe not always.. I have a life, too!).


To contact me:

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