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Meatloafs are no longer as they used to be! Cold chicken and mortadella meat loaf

In Appetizer and Finger food, Chicken, Cold cuts, Cold dishes, Cooking for dummies, Dried fruit, Meat, Meatballs and meat loaves, Second course On July 18, 2011 585 Comments

It's a fact that there are no more middle seasons, we know that young people are no longer as they used to be, it's a harsh reality that… Read More »

Bundle turnovers stuffed with zucchini and gorgonzola cream… instead of the usual quiche

In Appetizer and Finger food, Cheese, Quiche and savory muffins, Vegetables On July 3, 2011 752 Comments

When you have some good seasonal vegetables and some tasty cheese, one of the easiest things to do, if you also have some puff pastry, is a quiche:… Read More »

Cheesy and delicious: focaccia di Recco

In Appetizer and Finger food, Breads and pizzas, Cheese, Liguria, Regional Italian cooking On June 27, 2011 360 Comments

If you happen by Recco, or other towns nearby on the East Coast of Liguria, you have to taste the famous focaccia di Recco, provided that you like… Read More »

A dish for the summer: octopus carpaccio

In Appetizer and Finger food, Cold dishes, Fish, Second course On June 10, 2011 570 Comments

In spite of the term carpaccio (in Italy carpaccio is a a dish where thin slices of raw meat or fish are seasoned with extra-virgin olive oil, lemon… Read More »

A taste of Indian cuisine: cheese naan and aloo naan

In Appetizer and Finger food, Breads and pizzas, Cheese, Indian cuisine On June 3, 2011 694 Comments

Today I completely change my tune and, after a lot of Italian cuisine and some occasional forays into Chinese, Spanish and Tex-Mex cuisine, today I travel towards an… Read More »

The discovery of the year … zucchini crumble!

In Appetizer and Finger food, Herbs, Side dish, Vegetables On June 1, 2011 465 Comments

For some time now I was intrigued by an unusual course, sweet or salty, called crumble, 'cause it has a layer made of fruits/vegetables /meat or fish (these… Read More »

Y que viva Mexico: tortilla chips and guacamole

In Appetizer and Finger food, Fresh fruit, Tex-Mex cuisine On April 29, 2011 543 Comments

After years of experimentation with Mexican food or, to be more exact, with Tex-Mex food, starting from chili and tortillas, passing through guacamole and arriving to my masterpiece:… Read More »

Chinese steamed dumplings in my own way

In Appetizer and Finger food, Chinese cuisine On April 8, 2011 828 Comments

For the first time in my life I decided to approach in a semi-serious way to Chinese cooking, trying to grapple with one of its must, probably the… Read More »

How to revolutionize Roman tradition: pecorino and black pepper muffins

In Appetizer and Finger food, Quiche and savory muffins On March 31, 2011 574 Comments

Of all the Roman culinary traditions, this is the combination that I love the most … Pecorino, on its own, is one of my "weakness" (in general I… Read More »

Giorgio’s, Federico’s and Sigrid’s classic focaccia

In Appetizer and Finger food, Cooking for dummies, Leavened, Liguria, Regional Italian cooking On February 25, 2011 576 Comments

Today I start a new class of recipes, called "cooking for dummies": I hope it will last long and be helpful to some of my readers. I called… Read More »