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Home-made burger buns for a perfect hamburger night

In Breads and pizzas, Leavened, USA Cuisine, Vegetarian On May 8, 2014 1,234 Comments

Everybody knows it, Italian cuisine is amazing (I believe it’s the best of all, but of course I’m Italian), but I also love food from every corner of… Read More »

About roots and focaccia pugliese

In Apulia, Breads and pizzas, Italian cuisine, Leavened, Regional Italian cooking, Vegan, Vegetarian On November 20, 2013 376 Comments

I believe I never told this, at least not so openly, but I think I have no roots. Not some of those that are strongly planted in a single… Read More »

Finishing 2012/starting 2013 with a bang: gastronomic panettone

In Appetizer and Finger food, Holidays, Leavened, New Year's Eve, Party, Senza categoria On January 10, 2013 360 Comments

I published this recipe on my Italian blog on New Year’s Eve: in fact, this was my contribution to a New Year’s Eve dinner with friend. A few… Read More »

Experimenting with pizza stone – pizza with poolish method

In Breads and pizzas, Italian cuisine, Leavened, Single course On September 26, 2012 3,377 Comments

My dear friend MJ of Mj’s kitchen asked me a little time ago to write a guest post for her while she waits her kitchen’s remodeling. She asked… Read More »

Fly, white dove, fly: Easter Colomba (dove) with brewer’s yeast

In Dessert and Sweets, Easter, Holidays, Leavened On April 5, 2012 384 Comments

A year of great success with leavened dough. And, if Christmas in Italy means Panettone, Easter means Colomba (Italian for dove). At this point I could talk you… Read More »

Danubio: from wherever you came from, you’re perfect just the way you are

In Appetizer and Finger food, Campania, Cheese, Cold cuts, Holidays, Leavened, New Year's Eve, Regional Italian cooking On January 8, 2012 409 Comments

As I already told you some time ago, I have the "ear" mania (aka when I read a cook book or a magazine, I dog ear every interesting… Read More »

Panettone… and Merry Christmas

In Christmas, Dessert and Sweets, Holidays, Home-made is better, Leavened, Lombardy, Regional Italian cooking On December 25, 2011 295 Comments

What can I say about Panettone, except that it's the Italian Christmas dessert par excellence (for me Panettone is way way better than Pandoro)?! That I think that… Read More »

Pizza Party, featuring Gabriele Bonci’s pizza

In Breads and pizzas, Cheese, Cold cuts, Leavened, Party, Single course, Vegetables On October 30, 2011 515 Comments

Hands up who doesn't love pizza! I bet no one raised his/her hand … let's face it, it's impossible not to love pizza, and not just 'cause I'm… Read More »

Do-it-yourself Oktoberfest: pretzels

In Appetizer and Finger food, Breads and pizzas, German cuisine, Leavened On September 26, 2011 418 Comments

This is the active period of the famous Munich Oktoberfest: someone goes there, someone craves for it, someone thinks, deep down, that he could survive without it, someone… Read More »

Giorgio’s, Federico’s and Sigrid’s classic focaccia

In Appetizer and Finger food, Cooking for dummies, Leavened, Liguria, Regional Italian cooking On February 25, 2011 296 Comments

Today I start a new class of recipes, called "cooking for dummies": I hope it will last long and be helpful to some of my readers. I called… Read More »