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How to revolutionize Roman tradition: pecorino and black pepper muffins

In Appetizer and Finger food, Quiche and savory muffins On March 31, 2011 619 Comments

Of all the Roman culinary traditions, this is the combination that I love the most … Pecorino, on its own, is one of my "weakness" (in general I… Read More »

Southern Italy in my (Northern) dish: ‘nduja and smoked scamorza risotto

In Earth first course, First course, Risotto On March 22, 2011 446 Comments

Yesterday I ended winter seasonal cooking with a Northern recipe for origin (Trieste) and influences (goulasch is a typical Hungarian dish, spread throughout Central and Eastern Europe), so… Read More »

Ode to friendship: His Majesty the “Babà Rustico”

In Appetizer and Finger food, Campania, Leavened, Regional Italian cooking On February 22, 2011 543 Comments

Picture taken by Siamo Donne I decided from the first moment that this recipe would be the first to appear on my blog, because for me it really… Read More »