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Once on shore we pray no more pt. 1 – Tortellini in a capon broth

In Christmas, Earth first course, Emilia, First course, Fresh pasta, Holidays, Home-made is better, Pasta, Regional Italian cooking, Soup On January 19, 2013 407 Comments

In Italy, especially in Southern Italy, there is a famous saying, which reads “passata la festa, gabbatu lu santu” (something like “once the holiday is gone, the saint… Read More »

Mantua memories: pumpkin tortelli

In Earth first course, First course, Fresh pasta, Lombardy, Pasta, Regional Italian cooking, Vegetables On November 22, 2012 592 Comments

Ok, I have a soft spot for pumpkin… a big one, I might say. And, if the cream of pumpkin soup is my Achilles heel (those of you… Read More »

Swiss lasagna with zucchini, Gruyère and Sbrinz cheese

In Cheese, Contest, Earth first course, First course, Fresh pasta, Italian cuisine, Pasta, Vegetables On October 13, 2012 653 Comments

The origin of this recipe lies in a contest created by Switzerland Cheeses in collaboration with Tery of Peperoni e Patate, entitled “Switzerland in a dish“.  This contest… Read More »

Little suns stuffed with ricotta, mint and saffron in a zucchini sauce for Little Miss Sunshine

In Cheese, Cinema, Contest, Earth first course, First course, Fresh pasta, Herbs, Home-made is better, Pasta, Spices, Vegetables On August 21, 2012 499 Comments

Today we talk about cinema, and the opportunity to speak of this love of mine (I'm saying I want to take a second degree in history of cinema… Read More »

Back to cooking – zucchini flowers and saffron risotto

In Earth first course, First course, Risotto, Spices, Vegetables On June 12, 2012 1,277 Comments

I talk and talk, I promise and promise, and then I don't fulfil .. I'm just a lot of talking and a badge (do you remember this quote… Read More »

Spring smell and asparagus risotto

In Earth first course, First course, Risotto, Vegetables On April 27, 2012 317 Comments

  Say what you want, but some things smell like spring: that special light that makes green brighter, rainstorms, the smell of fresh cut grass (I could also… Read More »

Green mania (with a touch of red): broccoli and crispy sausage pasta

In Earth first course, First course, Pasta, Vegetables On March 25, 2012 456 Comments

Oh gosh! There never was such a riot of desserts on my blog, before! You would have even wondered if I softened, too … although, after the de-motivational… Read More »

Cous cous shapes with Genoese pesto, zucchini and pine nuts on Taleggio cheese sauce

In Cheese, Cold dishes, Dried fruit, Earth first course, First course, Herbs, Pasta rice and cereals salads, Single course, Vegetables On July 29, 2011 256 Comments

With this recipe, I broke all records for title length … in fact, I could only put a "Viendalmare" (in Eglish, literally, "Comesfromthesea": in Italian, it's a fake… Read More »

(Super) beer and speck risotto… in the teeth of summer!

In Beer, Cheese, Cold cuts, Earth first course, First course, Risotto On June 23, 2011 423 Comments

If you expected to celebrate the beginning of summer with, I don't know, an ice cream, a no-bake cheesecake, a fresh rice salad, you are mistaken, gentlemen! Since… Read More »

It looks like tomato sauce but it’s not tomato sauce… risotto with roasted peppers

In Earth first course, First course, Risotto, Vegetables On June 8, 2011 376 Comments

I don't go too often to restaurants, and certainly I seldom (understatement) go to go to classy restaurants, let alone excellent ones. But sometimes it happens, and if… Read More »