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(Super) beer and speck risotto… in the teeth of summer!

In Beer, Cheese, Cold cuts, Earth first course, First course, Risotto On June 23, 2011 423 Comments

If you expected to celebrate the beginning of summer with, I don't know, an ice cream, a no-bake cheesecake, a fresh rice salad, you are mistaken, gentlemen! Since… Read More »

It looks like tomato sauce but it’s not tomato sauce… risotto with roasted peppers

In Earth first course, First course, Risotto, Vegetables On June 8, 2011 376 Comments

I don't go too often to restaurants, and certainly I seldom (understatement) go to go to classy restaurants, let alone excellent ones. But sometimes it happens, and if… Read More »

Spinach carbonara

In Earth first course, First course, Pasta, Vegetables On May 20, 2011 309 Comments

This recipe is another one of those (as for pine nuts and marjoram pasta) that belong to my family background … I've seen my mother preparing it for… Read More »

Blue cheese and pears risotto… and a shower of awards

In Cheese, Earth first course, First course, Fresh fruit, Risotto On May 11, 2011 518 Comments

On Sunday, after a popular vote on Facebook (so if you're not fans of my Facebook fan page yet, what are you waiting for?), but also publicized on… Read More »

Curly hard wheat lasagna with eggplant sauce and smoked scamorza

In Earth first course, First course, Pasta, Single course, Vegetables On May 3, 2011 562 Comments

We haven't seen a nice lasagna on these screens for too long now! And lasagna, as you well know, is a feast day food, that smell of conviviality… Read More »

Black charm: cuttlefish ink risotto

In First course, Risotto, Sea first course, Shellfishes On April 21, 2011 477 Comments

Lately I allowed myself too much fun, too many colors, too much spring on this blog! So today I say "that's enough", and I purify myself with a… Read More »

From Apulia (not only) with rage: “strascinati” with cherry tomatoes and hard hoax ricotta cheese

In Apulia, Earth first course, First course, Fresh pasta, Pasta, Regional Italian cooking On April 18, 2011 725 Comments

Let's start with an assumption: I LOVE fresh pasta! Having said that, consider for a second the huge variety of Italian fresh pasta, which changes from region to… Read More »

Southern Italy in my (Northern) dish: ‘nduja and smoked scamorza risotto

In Earth first course, First course, Risotto On March 22, 2011 441 Comments

Yesterday I ended winter seasonal cooking with a Northern recipe for origin (Trieste) and influences (goulasch is a typical Hungarian dish, spread throughout Central and Eastern Europe), so… Read More »

If I were.. a clam?!

In First course, Pasta, Sea first course, Shellfishes On March 17, 2011 589 Comments

How many times as a child I played the "if I" game, and sometimes I still play it now, especially if someone triggers me off .. and it's… Read More »

Cooking with herbs: pine nuts and marjoram pasta

In Cooking for dummies, Dried fruit, Earth first course, First course, Herbs, Pasta On March 15, 2011 410 Comments

This is absolutely the most for dummies recipe I know of, because its easiness is disarming … I'm pretty sure that if my dog had opposable thumbs, it… Read More »