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Spring smell and asparagus risotto

In Earth first course, First course, Risotto, Vegetables On April 27, 2012 317 Comments

  Say what you want, but some things smell like spring: that special light that makes green brighter, rainstorms, the smell of fresh cut grass (I could also… Read More »

Not only butter, pt. 1 – Beef turnovers filled with spinach served with walnut sauce

In Beef, Contest, Dried fruit, Meat, Sauces, Second course, Vegetables On April 15, 2012 412 Comments

Prepare yourselves, 'cause this will be the first of 3 posts with a common ingredient, butter. I chose to title this series "not only butter", 'cause we certainly… Read More »

Green mania (with a touch of red): broccoli and crispy sausage pasta

In Earth first course, First course, Pasta, Vegetables On March 25, 2012 456 Comments

Oh gosh! There never was such a riot of desserts on my blog, before! You would have even wondered if I softened, too … although, after the de-motivational… Read More »

A lazy Tuesday – Vegetable stock-cube

In Concentrated, Conserve, Cooking for dummies, Herbs, Vegetables On December 6, 2011 3,836 Comments

I return to the charge with my lazy posts .. and this is lazy squared! Why lazy squared? First of all because this is a quick preparation: it… Read More »

The slowness of the return: beef braised in Barbera

In Beef, Herbs, Meat, Piedmont, Regional Italian cooking, Second course, Spices, Vegetables, Wine On November 30, 2011 754 Comments

  Just a few days ago I wrote that I would take a break from my blog, that I didn't know when I would come back, but that… Read More »

Potatoes and pumpkin gateau or gattò (but don’t tell Pupi)

In Casserole, Cheese, Cold cuts, Single course, Vegetables On November 17, 2011 1,245 Comments

  Pumpkin squash pumpkin squash… this is my leitmotif in the last period: in fact, I’m always looking for new recipes in which to use this adorable vegetable,… Read More »

A lazy Wednesday – Zucchini fritters

In Appetizer and Finger food, Fried food, Fritters and frittata, Herbs, Vegetables On November 2, 2011 523 Comments

As you might have noticed, all the recipes that begin with "a lazy .." not only are lazy (aka very easy) recipes, useful when you don't have much… Read More »

Pizza Party, featuring Gabriele Bonci’s pizza

In Breads and pizzas, Cheese, Cold cuts, Leavened, Party, Single course, Vegetables On October 30, 2011 930 Comments

Hands up who doesn't love pizza! I bet no one raised his/her hand … let's face it, it's impossible not to love pizza, and not just 'cause I'm… Read More »

So green – Swiss chard and ricotta strudel

In Appetizer and Finger food, Quiche and savory muffins, Savory tart, Single course, Vegetables On October 19, 2011 653 Comments

I love vegetables, in fact, I adore them … I eat them in huge quantities, and I love every color they could possibly be, even different from the… Read More »

A lazy Friday – eggplant and walnuts cream

In Appetizer and Finger food, Dried fruit, Sauces, Vegetables On October 14, 2011 555 Comments

Every once in a while, especially in fall and winter seasons, it's good to indulge in laziness .. so, today's recipe is a simple one, with only few… Read More »